Pedzéh Kı̨́ – “Clay place”

Population: 146

The northernmost Dehcho Dene community, this small log-cabin settlement sits on a high bluff overlooking the Mackenzie River. Tucked with a view of the Franklin Mountains, it’s scenic and serene, with a traditional lifestyle revolving around trapping, hunting and fishing. Access is by Hwy 1, which rolls through the foothills north from Fort Simpson and crosses the Mackenzie by ferry or ice-road (except during breakup/ freeze-up). 

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Pehdzeh Ki First Nation

The Pehdzeh Ki First Nation is a member of the Dehcho First Nations in the Northwest Territories of Canada, and is located in Wrigley.The Pehdzeh Ki First Nation offers visitors a variety of experiences.  Read more


Late March

A cultural event with traditional games, tea boiling, bannock making, log splitting, foot races and a talent show. Read more


June 21

Territorial holiday with events in all communities. Contact town offices for details. Read more