Mo's Houseboat B&B

Welcome to Mo’s Houseboat B&B! This is a one-of-a kind experience: A private floating home at anchor in gorgeous Yellowknife Bay, 200 metres from shore, with perfect views of the Yellowknife floating home community and of the Aurora right outside our window! Your private room features a queen-sized bed, and northern furs of arctic wolf and musk ox on the walls. This ECO, off-grid floating home is a premium-built residence with all the amenities while floating in the summer and frozen-in during the winter. Stay tuned for 2 new rooms, which will be ready for the end of September 2016.

Contact Name: 
Monique Robert
Primary Phone Number:
(867) 445-6363
Box 2574
Yellowknife, NT
Bed and Breakfast
Summer, Winter
Getting from Shore to the Houseboat: Summer: We will pick you up with your luggage at the dock when you arrive. Once aboard and checked into your room, your transportation to and from our houseboat is a canoe, provided by Mo’s Houseboat B&B! Paddle around Houseboat Bay and explore! In poor weather conditions, we will ferry you over to land with the powerboat. Winter: You can drive right up on the ice and park beside the B&B! If you don’t have a vehicle, taxis will come to our door!