Midnight Sun Road Package

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Midnight Sun Road Package

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Available Starting June 1, 2017

24 hours of daylight! Can you imagine going home at 3:00 am and the sun is still shining?! That’s what we have here in the Northwest Territories. The longest day in Yellowknife is June 21st with 24 hours of daylight. Further up north towards the Arctic Ocean, the midnight sun lasts for a few weeks!

It truly is a very different natural phenomenon for one to experience. Here in the Yellowknife area we will have the midnight sun from about May 15 to July 15, so if you are here during this time, be sure to bring your sunglasses! The midnight sun allows us to offer both boat tours and fishing adventures until late in the evening.

If you like road trips and are looking for a fun way to see the north then this 6 day northern Canada road Adventure is for you! Experience cool Aboriginal culture, and the world’s biggest wild buffalo, the mighty Mackenzie River, the Mackenzie Mountains and the amazing, incredible Nahanni National Park! All along the way your Aboriginal guides will keep you entertained with stories about our culture, about the north and even teach some of our Dene language. WHAT A ROAD TRIP!!

Package Includes:


  • Aboriginal Guides
  • Aboriginal Culture
  • Hotel accommodation
  • Flight into Nahanni National Park
  • All airport and tour transfers
  • North Star USB Memory Package