15 amazing Northwest Territories attractions seen in the glow of the Aurora

15 amazing attractions seen in the glow of the Aurora

The Northwest Territories is packed with must-see sights. We're talkin' towering waterfalls. Wild creatures. Legendary lakes. Frontier towns. Parks the size of Switzerland. 

Thousands of visitors experience these attractions during the light of the polar day.

But to see them beneath the Northern Lights?

Your life will never be the same.

1. Alexandra Falls

It's the greatest waterfall on the Northwest Territories highway system – 107 feet tall and marvellous to behold. Once you've seen it in the radiance of an Auroral Storm, you can say you've truly lived. 

2. The snow castle

Hey look, it's Yellowknife's legendary Snow Castle, washed by the Northern Glories. Must be a pretty sweet place to hang out ...

3. caribou

Caribou are the uber-species of the North, sweeping across the tundra in the countless thousands. The only thing better than spotting one? Seeing it under the Lights.

4. Houseboat Bay

The North's most famous neighbourhood floats on Great Slave Lake. You'll be floating too, when the sky bursts into colour.

5. Ships and boats

The ships, fishing boats and other vessels of the Northwest Territories are historic and romantic – especially when drenched by the Northern Lights.

6. The salt plains

Here's the surreal Salt Plains, just outside of Fort Smith. They're home to whooping cranes, wild bison, a stunning overlook – and a giant sky full of Lights.

7. blachford lake lodge

Welcome to the ritziest Aurora retreat on Earth. Prepare to love your life.

8. Great slave lake

Oh. My. God.

North America's deepest lake is brimming with romance and mystery. That's especially true when "heaven's own lightshow" begins.

9. Wood Buffalo National Park

When the lights span the sky above Canada's largest park, you'll feel mighty small – in a good way.  

10. The Mackenzie RIver

Nothing unusual about this Mackenzie RIver vista, viewed from the village of Fort Simpson. Floatplane in the foreground; the Northern Lights ablaze.

11. an igloo

It doesn't get more Northern than this.

12. pine lake

Pine Lake is in the heart of the world's largest Dark Sky Preserve. That means no streetlights or urban glow to compete with the streaming Aurora.

13. Yellowknife Bay

Tranquil waters, sleek sailing vessels, spunky speedboats, homes with a view ... and oh gee, what's that overhead? No big deal, just a crazy display of the Aurora.

14. Aurora village

Whoa. Check it out. I guess Aurora Village is aptly named. After all, it's the world's epicentre of Aurora-watching. Lights like these do their magic dance all winter long.

15. THe slave river

By day, it's a mighty flowing maelstrom.

By night, it's the glowing Lights, agleam on shining water.

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