Here comes the midnight sun

Here comes the midnight sun


Visitors to the North are enamourmed by the midnight sun.

But it’s also easy to lose track of time when night is as bright as day. And it’s not just your schedule that goes out of whack; the long days affect everything under the sun:

87:   Days in a row that the sun doesn’t set in Sachs Harbour, our northernmost town.

1:   Days the sun doesn’t set in Fort Good Hope, at the cusp of the Arctic Circle.

22:26:   Hours and minutes of light per day at the 60th Parallel on Summer Solstice. 

2:   Genes in caribou that spare them from needing to sleep on a regular 24-hour cycle. Instead, they stay active throughout the bright Arctic summer, napping only sporadically.

9:   Hours that bees rest every day, even when exposed to the midnight sun, meaning their internal clock keeps on tickin’.

14’2”:   Height, in feet and inches, of the tallest sunflower in the greenhouse in Inuvik, 200 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle.

480:   Kilometres that Cool Robot, a solar-powered rover designed for the polar regions, can cover in a week during the Arctic summer.

0:   Kilometres it can cover in the Arctic winter – which is why it gets sent to Antarctica.

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