Where we live: Aklavik

Where we live: Aklavik


A little introduction to 'the place of the grizzly bear.'

Location:  68°13’N, 135°00’W

Elevation:  7 metres

Population:  594

Name Means:  Place of the grizzly bear

Founded In:  1912, as a Hudson’s Bay Company post

Motto:  Never Say Die

July Mean High:  18.4C

January Mean Low:  minus-31.0C

Historic Highlight:  In the early 1950s, as many as 1,600 people lived here, making it one of the largest towns in the North

Historic Lowlight:  In 1955, Inuvik was constructed to replace Aklavik, which officials feared was doomed by erosion and flooding

Quirky Fact:  One of the few Northern settlements with significant populations of both First Nations and Inuit residents

Best daytrip:  Taking a spin on the 120-kilometre winter ice-road to Inuvik

Best fest:  The Mad Trapper Rendezvous spring carnival

Notable Locals:  Ape Okpik (head of “Project Surname”), Nellie Cournoyea (businesswoman, political leader), A.J. “Moose” Kerr (educator), Albert “The Mad Trapper” Johnson (outlaw) 

More info: To get the whole story on "the place of the grizzly bear," explore Aklavik.