Where we live: Fort Simpson

Where we live: Fort Simpson


A little intro to Liidli Kue – the place where the rivers come together.

61º51’ N, 121º 22’ W


Traditional Name:      
Liidli Kue (the place where the rivers come together)

Former Name:
Fort of the Forks                   

Founded In:

Historic Highlight:
Pope John Paul II visits in 1987

Historic Lowlight:
Three North West Company traders starve in 1811             

Notable Locals:
Albert Faille (Nahanni pioneer)
Jim Antoine (former NWT premier)
Nick Sibbeston (federal senator)
Ted Grant (bush pilot)

Visit For:
Open Sky Festival (Canada Day weekend)

Gateway To:
Nahanni National Park

Best Daytrip:
Flightseeing to Virginia Falls

More info:
To get the whole story on "the place where rivers come together," explore Fort Simpson.