Where We Live: Fort Smith

Where We Live: Fort Smith


A little introduction to Thebacha, 'The place beside the rapids'

Location: 60°00’N, 111°53’W    

Elevation: 205 metres

Population: 2,364

Named After: Donald Alexander Smith (Lord Strathcona)

Traditional Name: Thebacha, “Beside the rapids”

Claim to Fame: World-class whitewater paddling

Founded In: 1874, as a Hudson’s Bay Company post       

Historic Highlight: Town made administrative capital of the NWT, 1911

Historic Lowlight: Five fur-traders die in the Rapids of the Drowned, 1786

Quirky Fact: Has just about the only water tower North of Sixty

Visit For: Paddlefest, in early August

Gateway To: Wood Buffalo National Park

Best Daytrip: Flightseeing over the Peace River Delta, salt plains and bison herds

Best Expedition: Paddling the Slave from Peace Point to Fort Smith

Notable Locals: Frank Conibear (inventor), Francois Paulette (aboriginal activist), Mark Carney (former governor, Bank of Canada)

More info: For the whole story on "the place beside the rapids," explore Fort Smith