Where we live: Hay river

Where we live: Hay River


A little intro to Xátł'odehchee, “the hay river.”

Location: 60°51’N, 115°44’W

Elevation: 166 metres

Population: 3,648

Founded In: 1892, when Chief Chiatlo brought a group to settle here

July Mean High: 21.1

January Mean Low: minus-27.6

Claim to Fame: The Northwest Territories' cargo hub

Historic Highlight: Becomes first Northwest Territories town reached by highway, 1949

Historic Lowlight: Severe flood prompts construction of ‘New Town,’ 1963

Quirky Fact: Terminus of Canada’s northernmost railway

Best Daytrip: Driving to Alexandra and Louise waterfalls

Notable Locals: Geoff Sanderson (former NHLer), Joe McBryan (aviator), Brendan Green (biathlete), Kole Crook (fiddler)

More info: For the whole story on "the Hub" of the Northwest Territories, explore Hay River.