Where We Live: Norman Wells

Where We Live: Norman Wells


A little introduction to Tlegõhtî, 'where there is oil.'

Location: 65°17’N, 126°51’W         

Elevation: 73 metres

Population: 761

July Mean High: 22.0

January Mean Low: minus-32.9

Aboriginal Name: Tlegõhtî, Slavey for “where there is oil”

Claim to Fame: First oil town in the North

Founded In: 1921, with the establishment of a small oil refinery

Historic Highlight: First oil well drilled, 1919

Historic Lowlight: Canol pipeline dismantled, 1947

Quirky Fact: Site of the Northwest Territories’ first commercial airline operations

Gateway To: Canol Heritage Trail

Best daytrip: Fossil hunting along the Mackenzie and Bosworth Creek

Notable Locals: Ted Link (oilman), Cece Hodgson-McCauley (journalist), Ethel Blondin-Andrew (former MP)

More info: To get the whole story on the busiest little town in the Sahtu, explore Norman Wells.