where we live: Wrigley

Where we live: Wrigley
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A little introduction to Pedzéh Kí – “Place where the rock goes into the water”

63°14′ N, 123°28′ W
149 metres
Named for:
Hudson’s Bay Company chief commissioner Joseph Wrigley
Traditional name:
Pedzéh Kí (“Place where the rock goes into the water”)
In the shadow of the Franklin Mountains on the high east bank of the Mackenzie River just below the confluence of the Wrigley River
Record high/low:
37.0°C / -53.3°C
South Slavey, English
Slavey Dene
Getting here:
By road from Fort Simpson (two hours)
Founded in:
This is the ancestral territory of the Slavey Dene. Beginning in 1817 various trading posts were established in this area, including Fort Alexander, Fort of the Small Rapid and Fort Wrigley. In 1965, due to the swampy conditions at Fort Wrigley, the government relocated the population 16 kilometres up the Mackenzie River to the present site of Wrigley
Notable locals:
Internationally acclaimed Dene fashion designer D’arcy Moses lived in Wrigley for many years
Best daytrip:
Downstream to Roche qui trempe a l’eau sulphur springs, or to the top of 1,228-metre Cap Mountain, the highest peak in the Franklin Range
More info:
To get the whole story on the “Pedzéh Kí,” explore Wrigley