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There are many stories written here on this northern landscape, in the movement in the animals, in the growth of a jack pine, and in the people who live here. Strong Interpretation is here to interpret those stories with customized and flexible tours for people looking for that authentic Yellowknife experience through hands-on, fun and enlightening experiences.

Strong Interpretation


City Tours

Strong Interpretation offers customized tours within and outside of Yellowknife. We are not your average tour company. We have tremendous flexibilty to customize guided experiences that fit your specific needs, time, abilities and interests.  We can provide the unique tour you want to provide you with a personal and memorable experience. Let us help you make the most of your stay in Yellowknife!

Yellowknife Old Town Soundwalk App
Strong Interpretation and UMVA! Media have launched the Yellowknife Old Town Soundwalk App, the first for the NWT! This multi-media guided walking tour takes you through Yellowknife's historic and cultural heart with narration, Old Town voices, music, photos and more. There is even an Old Town Dictionary. The app is available for download from Google Play and ITunes.




Nature Tours

We can customize a tour for you based on what you want to see in and around Yellowknife. Some popular options include bison viewing, birdwatching and exploring the local flora and fauna.

We also have packaged tours available for those who want the details looked after.

Packaged Tours that focus on Nature & Wildlife viewing include:
Canadian Shield Sampler
Land of Little Sticks
Shopping in the Boreal Forest
Stories in the Snow

Please visit our website for more details.



Arts & Craft Tours

We can customize a tour for you based on what you want to see in and around Yellowknife. Some popular options include a tasty tour of local fare or a cooking class, a tour of the local art scene, an exploration of the mining heritage and geology of the region, and an visit with northern people enjoying northern pastimes.

Or, select a pre-packaged tour with all of the details looked after:

  • A Walk in the Past

Please visit our website for more details.




The boreal forest has many stories to tell from the ancient rocks of the Canadian Shield to the youthful forest that rides on its back to the footprints of a snowshoe hare followed by those of a lynx. All the dramas of day-to-day life in this wintry environment are written on the surface of the snow and below its frosty layers. Strap on the snowshoes for this unique guided adventure as your guide, Rosie, helps you “read” the pages of an ever-changing novel in Yellowknife’s backyard. Guests will have an opportunity to warm up with tea and Rosie’s famous cranberry cake in a heated Prospector’s tent located in the forest around Pontoon Lake.



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