Villers Air Services Ltd.

Peter Villers makes the safety and efficiency of every flight his own personal responsibility. The entire staff at Villers Air are committed to customer service and dedicated to the comfort and safety of all our passengers. All aircraft at Villers are maintained by our friendly in house maintenance staff to the highest standard. With our diverse fleet we here at Villers Air aim to meet your aviation requirements with the most efficient and safe methods possible.


Contact Name: 
Peter Villers
Primary Phone Number:
(250) 774-2072
Fax Number:
(250) 774-6182
Box 328
170 Bell Road
Fort Nelson, BC
Airlines and Cargo within NWT
Summer, Winter
The varied fleet allows us to carry up to 9 passengers or freight into small mountain airstrips or down to larger centers like Edmonton, Calgary or almost anywhere else you can think of. With cruising speeds of around 200 mph for the Navajo's and Baron your travel time from Fort Nelson to downtown Edmonton is approximately 2 hrs 45 minutes. Give us a call! We would welcome the opportunity to be a part of your future travel plans.