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Arctic Explorer Package

Offer Date: August 16 - 28, 2022

The stunning landscape around Point Lake provides extraordinary opportunities for hiking, birding, fishing, berry picking, and wildlife viewing. It also holds stories of European explorers and Aboriginal peoples. We provide the means for you to enjoy days filled with adventure while staying in the comfort of our lodge. 

The glacial swept lands that stretch as far as the eye can see provide incredible vantage points, so you’ll want to keep watch for migrating caribou, roaming moose, wolves, grizzly bears and other predators. The rolling hills are home to some of the oldest rocks on the planet, as well a variety of birds, some travelling thousands of miles just to have their young here during the short summer months. Record breaking lake trout await to be caught and ancient archaeological artifacts are waiting to be discovered.

Join us this year to experience the best of the Northwest Territories.  The Arctic season is extraordinary, you’ll want to ensure it’s on your bucket list! There is just one catch, it goes by all too quickly and there are limited spots available. Contact us today to book and visit our website for details.


An aerial view of Point Lake by Peterson's Point Lake Lodge in the Northwest Territories on a sunny day. Father and son fishing at Peterson Point Lake Lodge. A large container filled with wild blueberries grown on Barrenlands at Peterson's Point Lake Lodge in the NWT. A group of guests at Peterson's Point Lake Lodge in the Northwest Territories. Peterson's Point Lake Lodge interior in lounge area at sunset in the NWT.
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Arctic Explorer Package

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