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Eco Tourism and Birding

Offer Date: July 1st, 2022 - September 6th, 2022

Aylmer Lake Lodge explodes with bird life. Arctic Peregrines, Sandpipers, Red Throated Loons, Parasitic Jaegers, Bald Eagles, Golden Eagles, Geese, Ducks, Yellow Billed Loons, and the list goes on the birds seem to be everywhere. Watch Loons running across the water. See the adult birds pushing their young out of the nest and chasing them back up to the nest to strengthen them for long journeys. Watch the geese chase their young across the tundra in a forced march with short flights to gain strength for the journey south in the fall.

The fastest birds in the world are the Arctic Peregrine Falcons who nest right on Aylmer Lake, most years we find 5-8 active nest sites. Other highly-desired birds such as breeding-plumaged Snow Buntings and Jaegers are common sights around Aylmer Lake. Watch the Jaegers capture their meals on the wing as they take down other smaller birds.

There are a few pairs of Jaegers nesting near the lodge, and with a little luck, we may see some of the world’s best-looking Gyrfalcons. Add to this the possibility of seeing barrenland grizzly bears, arctic wolves, arctic fox, Barrenland Caribou, Mainland Muskox - a day out becomes an adventure.

Your day is full of sights and sounds that are pure and clear as there is zero noise pollution and some of the best natural lighting in the world. When you are quietly gliding along the lake going from spot to spot to enjoy the large variety of birds and wild game animals it is incredible to capture moments with the wildlife in their world from their perspective.

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Aylmer Lake Lodge Aylmer Lake Lodge Aylmer Lake Lodge Aylmer Lake Lodge Aylmer Lake Lodge
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Eco Tourism and Birding

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