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Guided Canoe Trip on the Thelon River (12 days)

Offer Date: July 23 - August 3, 2022

The Thelon is, without question, the most remote and the most pristine wilderness river of any considerable size left in North America. There are eight rapids along our route but no portages at all. Our entire route is on the tundra, south of the Thelon Wildlife Sanctuary, and is one of the most remote places left in the world.

Big treed sandy eskers are prominent topographical features along our Thelon River canoe route. They stand out many miles away and greatly enrich the landscape. The scenery along these eskers is so extraordinary that it seems to belong to a surreal, fairy-tale world. You have a good chance of seeing a variety of wildlife along your trip, such as the Tundra wolf and muskox. 

You just can’t get any more remote than the Thelon, anywhere else in the world north of Antarctica. Not only is the Thelon the largest and most remote river in the Barren Lands, it’s also the easiest and safest to canoe. And nowhere else on the Barren Lands today are you likely to see a greater number or variety of birds and mammals. Arctic summers may be short, but the Thelon enjoys some of the best summer weather in North America, thanks to it’s dry, sunny climate in this deep interior location.

Visit our website or give us a call for more information about our awe-inspiring Thelon River canoe adventures in Canada!

Guided Canoe Trip on the Thelon River (12 days)

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