Kicksled Snow Castle Tour

Kicksled Tour Yellowknife
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Special rates for children and seniors.


Sundog Adventures

Contact Name: Richard McIntosh
Phone: 867-446-8687

Kicksled Snow Castle Tour

Offer Date: 
February 1-28, 2019

Kicksled your way to the famous Snow Castle, pulled by one of our northern huskies, for a construction tour. Then return to our log cabin in Old Town for a warm beverage.

Your adventure begins at the Sundog Adventures log cabin located in historic Old Town on Back Bay. You will take part in a brief orientation session to understand your kicksled and the dog pulling you.  You will learn to use your kicksled alone at first, then with your dog.  When you are ready, you and the rest of the group will venture straight onto the frozen Back Bay and to the Snow Castle for a construction tour.

What is a Kicksled? 
A kicksled, or spark (meaning “kick in Norwegian), has a pair of parallel, two-metre long skate blades with a footplate on each blade. Gripping the handlebars, riders scoot along by kicking with one foot, as if on a scooter made for ice. The task of kicking along is made much easier with the assistance of your husky.