Snowmobile Tours


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Contact: Carlos Gonzalez 


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Snowmobile Tours

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December 17 - March 30

Have you ever wanted to feel the thrill of freedom as you embrace one of a Northerners’ favourite seasons? Glide over a frozen lake and through forested trails? Feel the crisp winter air under the beautiful Aurora Borealis? Yellowknife Outdoor Adventures encourages you to try snowmobiling! We have a number of different tours for all skill levels, and look forward to showing you our Yellowknife. 

  • Snowmobile Day Tours (Guided)

Snowmobiling is easy to learn! Prior to heading out, we provide a basic safety and operating instructions. All snowmobiles are fully automatic. It’s as simple as thumb throttle to go forward, hand break to stop. But don’t worry, your tour will be fully guided for your comfort and safety. Helmets are supplied, and winter clothing can be rented for the tours (we recommend boots, bib pants, jacket and mitts).

  • Nature Viewing by Snowmobile Day Tours (Guided)

Carve you way through our back country wilderness, travelling on thickly forested trails. Stop along the way and take photos of breathtaking scenery, and play on our pristine frozen lakes as you get to know the “wild side” of frontier country.

1 hour tour $125 + GST

2 hour tour $180 + GST (Includes a stop for hot chocolate at our outpost camp on Great Slave Lake)

3 hour tour $225 + GST (Includes a stop for hot chocolate at our outpost camp on Great Slave Lake)


  • Evening Snowmobile Tour (Guided)

Glide over Great Slave Lake under the glow of the Northern sky as you watch the snow and ice sparkle under your feet. You will travel approximately 30 minutes by snowmobile (Two guests per snowmobile) before arriving at our cozy wilderness cabin on Great Slave Lake. Enjoy northern snacks, hot beverages and cookies as we view the Aurora Borealis far away from the glow of the city lights, and in a perfect wilderness setting.

$155.00 + GST per person (Two guests per snowmobile)

Dog-sledding and snowmobiling tours available, please enquire for more information.