beaver in wood buffalo national park

Do you love your country? Well then act like it, by celebrating Canada Day in the Northwest Territories. We're the True North Strong and Free – with pretty much everything that's iconic, wooly and wonderful about this great country.  

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Wood Buffalo National Park is where you'll find the world's largest beaver dam

1. Visit the world's biggest beaver dam ...

... in Wood Buffalo National Park. After all, the beaver is Canada's national animal. What better way to honour our country's famously industrious wet rodent than by gazing in awe at its greatest-ever accomplishment? 

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paddlers in a canoe on Great Slave Lake

2. Go canoeing

Canoeing is the most Canadian way to get around. It's also the best way to explore the Northwest Territories, since we're pretty much soaked in awesome rivers and lakes. So be a patriot – grab your paddle and go canoeing!

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An Indigenous community celebration in the NWT

3. Celebrate our diversity ...

... and our moose-steaks. Head to a Canada Day feast in one of our many Indigenous communities, where you can honour this country with its original peoples, in the great outdoors, sampling the bounty of the land.

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ink sketch of early hockey game

4. Get hyped on hockey 

Make a pilgrimage to the birthplace of our national sport. Nearly 200 years ago, the little Dene community of Deline was the site of the first recorded game of hockey. Since that chilly exhibition of shinny on the shores of Great Bear Lake, hockey has become the ultimate Canadian thing. You're welcome. 


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Man reaches the sign for the Arctic Circle along the Dempster Highway in the NWT

5. Cross the Arctic Circle

On Canada Day in the Northwest Territories, go all out. Celebrate our most iconic place (the Arctic), and our most famous season (winter – which, even on Canada Day, it may feel like.) Geez, how much more Canadian can you get?  


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