Inconnu, or Coney around these parts, are the largest member of the Coregoninae sub-family of Salmonids and closely related to Whitefish. You'll recognize them by their long, tapered body and bright silvery colour. Inconnu are found in the Arctic drainages of North America. In the shield lakes of the Northwest Territories, these strong, predatory fish can grow up to 1.5m in length and will eat anything smaller than them. 

To catch one of these scrappy fighters, you'll want gold or silver spoons, about 4 cm long, or drift fish with rubber tailed jigs -- use a lure that will mimic small baitfish as it moves through the water. They'll rise up to the surface to chase baitfish, so be ready to fight. 

One important thing to note with Inconnu is that like sharks, they require water running over their gills to keep breathing. If you reel in a Coney and you're not planning to eat it, release it quickly and carefully. You don't want to take forever posing for a photo. If you catch one and you are planning to eat it, you're in for a treat.

If you're coming North to do some fishing - either on your own, on a guided tour or at an all-inclusive lodge - make sure to get your NWT fishing license and follow the rules in the NWT Sport Fishing Guide. According to Environment and Natural Resources, in the NWT the daily catch limit for Inconnu is one.