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How to have the ultimate long weekend, NWT style

A person tends to a fire on a beach in the Northwest Territories

How to have the ultimate long weekend, NWT style

Take this quiz to find out how your long weekend stacks up against a legendary time in the Northwest Territories

In the Northwest Territories, the long weekend isn't just three days circled on the calendar months in advance. Really, it's a verb. Particularly in the summer, the long weekend is an opportunity for intrepid residents to make big plans and live even bigger adventures in a wild world that starts quite literally in their backyards.

Fly into a remote lodge for some of the best fishing on the planet? Sure.

Hike through the tundra to photograph an endless landscape that explodes with colour? Why not?

Get away from the world by hopping in a boat and choosing from an infinity of campsites on the shores of Great Slave or Great Bear lakes? Sounds perfect.

With another always-too-brief holiday in the books, take this quiz to see if your long weekend ended like an NWTer.

A dog watches from a dock on a lake as 2 people paddle by in the N.W.T.

You took off on a camping trip and...

  1. ...pulled your RV into a nearby campground, took a deep, rejuvenating breath of the pure air and hunkered down for a cozy evening around the campfire. 1 point
  2. ...hiked into a lake, carrying as much as you comfortably could. Here, you joined some close friends - and made a few new ones - for long days of quality time outdoors. 2 points
  3. ...paddled and portaged into your secret, secluded spot for an undisturbed, unspoiled and uninterrupted commune with nature. 3 points


You yawned to life on the first morning and the first thing you did was...

  1. ...roll over, and close your eyes to get another hour of sleep. It was the weekend after all.        ​​​​​​1 point
  2. up and made sure you had some cowboy coffee ready for the rest of your group.            2 points
  3. ...ran down for an invigorating jump in the lake. Then you were awake and ready to go!           3 points
Three hikers look out onto the water in the Northwest Territories

Midway through a scenic day-hike, you stopped for a snack and...

  1. ...were transfixed by the serene call of a solitary loon echoing across the lake. 1 point
  2. ...witnessed an eagle take flight, only to see it come to rest near the top of a tall spruce tree. You pulled out your binoculars for a better look and realized this is the home of its giant nest when you glimpsed the fuzzy heads of two hungry eaglets. 2 points
  3. ...watched as a moose slowly emerged from some brush upwind and strolled down to the lake for a drink. The surreal scene played out in complete and utter silence, as if it all occurred in slow motion. 3 point


You busted out the fishing rod and...

  1. ...had a couple bites, but no luck. 1 point
  2. ...caught a nice-sized walleye and took a selfie with it. 2 points
  3. ...wrestled a feisty Northern Pike to shore. Since it wasn't too big, you decided to fillet it - expertly working your knife around its tricky 'y-bones' - before coating it in your tried-and-true shore lunch recipe that you will take to your grave. 3 points
A moose with antlers stands chest deep in a lake in the Northwest Territories

When it came time for dinner, you...

  1. ...unpacked the steaks marinating in your cooler and grilled them up over an open flame.      1 point
  2. ...fried up some fresh-caught fish for some improvised fish tacos. 2 points
  3. ...let your friends snack on some fish you smoked at home after your last fishing trip, before serving them baked fillets seasoned with wild local herbs you just foraged. 3 points


You made a point to stay up late on your last night and...

  1. ...witnessed a breathtaking sunset. 1 point
  2. ...failed. You were so bushed from your busy day that you fell right asleep under the stars.    2 points
  3. ...were rewarded when the Aurora made a late-summer appearance in the dusky sky, dancing from horizon to horizon, reflecting off the glassy lake and capping off a perfect trip. 3 points
fish cooks on a grill over an open fire in the northwest territories

You got home and...

  1. ...sighed, stowed away your gear and reflected on the long weekend that was. 1 point
  2. ...met some friends for dinner, scrolling through your photos to show them all the fun things you just did and saw. 2 points
  3. ...immediately started planning your next great long weekend adventure. 3 points


Now tally up your points. If you scored...

...between 1 - 6, you are one happy camper. You clearly enjoy recharging your batteries by spending your time outdoors.

...between 7 - 12, you are a nature lover. You take every opportunity you can to appreciate the natural world all around you.
...between 13 - 17, you are a surefire adventurer. You obviously know how to long weekend like a boss.

...between 18 - 20, you are a true Northerner. You are most at home in the wilderness and you're the go-to trip-planning resource in your friend group. You get things done and - more importantly - have fun.

...21, you are an absolute legend. Wow! You have to tell us where you went!

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