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The Northwest Territories Takes Romantic Getaways Literally

two lovers embrace under the northern lights

The Northwest Territories Takes Romantic Getaways Literally

There’s a magic to this place.

It’s the way the solitude surrounds you at a remote wilderness lodge, bringing what really matters into focus. It’s how witnessing the Northern Lights can be so powerful and profound you won’t realize you’re holding hands with that special someone until the show has come to an end.

In the Northwest Territories, life does not take place at some future time. It happens right now, right in front of you. Here, the experiences and adventure will make the world feel new again. You will come to realize that the farther you go from home, the closer you have been brought together.

You will discover that the Northwest Territories changed you.

A couple sit alone on the snow watching the northern lights

Face it, there’s no romance in crowds.

Luckily, all across the Northwest Territories, there are special getaways that beckon to couples seeking seclusion and sanctuary together in the natural world. “It’s peaceful, it’s beautiful, there’s nothing in the way of just relaxing. You really get down to you and nature and the connection between couples,” says Katherine Johnson, with Blachford Lake Lodge, less than an hour from Yellowknife by bush plane.

Over the years, the wilderness lodge has played host to weddings and honeymoons, anniversaries and impromptu proposals. And it’s obvious why. What could be better than hopping in a hot tub, cuddling up with the one you love and watching the Northern Lights dance overhead?

Two people bundled up in parkas hold hand beneath an aurora filled sky

The abundance of natural experiences available in the Northwest Territories allows couples to reconnect. They can press pause on the countless distractions that pull them away each and every busy day. This is quality time that’s measured in shared epiphanies, unbelievable moments and experiences that are near impossible to articulate.

The anticipation builds as you leave city limits by bush plane, by boat or snowmachine. Here, your senses become heightened due to the immediacy of your wild surroundings and from the lack of that constant, background hum of civilization that you thought would follow you everywhere. Now, every minute is regenerative, and you sense the world getting larger. Every gust of wind, each flicker of the Aurora, is imbued with meaning. This moment. Total connectedness. You’ve felt this before. And you remember it was when you first fell in love with that special person beside you.

a bride and groom embrace under the aurora

In the Northwest Territories, you can witness the Aurora’s hypnotic dance from a remote Igloo Village near the Arctic Ocean. Later, retreat to your own igloo for the evening, you and your partner snug and swaddled under luxuriant furs like people have been doing in the North for thousands of years. You can experience true Northern fine dining in a private teepee at a wilderness wonderland outside Yellowknife. When you’re ready, walk hand-in-hand to a heated platform for a night of unparalleled Northern Lights viewing, untainted by the lights of the city.


Some will want a keepsake from their adventure to the Northwest Territories—a lifelong memento that will maintain the connection they made with this land. Fortunately, the NWT is home to precious stones forged over eons of time, under intense pressure, deep within the earth’s crust. The NWT diamond stands as an enduring and ever-lasting symbol of the strength and resiliency of your love. A reminder you wear on your finger of that night under the glow of the Northern Lights, where it was just the two of you alone in the great, wild universe.

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