Camping on the shore of a pristine lake in Canada's Northwest Territories

Sick of jostling for tent space two hours north of Toronto? Tired of paved campsites, fire bans, streetlights that blot out the stars, and fish the size of your pinky finger? Then you'll find Northwest Territories campgrounds to be a literal breath of fresh air. The NWT's parks are wild oases, boasting scenic locales, waterfront access, rich wildlife, and radiant Northern Lights. What the heck are you waiting for? Get up here and pitch your tent. 

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Fish for dinner or breakfast or lunch - or all three - when you camp at an NWT campground.

Slip out of your tent. Stroll to the shore. Cast a line. And reel in your breakfast before the rest of the world has even begun to stir.   

Just a typical morning at Northwest Territories parks. With campgrounds beside famous Grayling creeks (Lady Evelyn Falls Territorial Park near Kakisa), Trout lakes (Gwich'in Campground outside Inuvik), and waters filled with Pike (pretty much everywhere), our parks are also fishing holes. And with unmatched amenities – pull-through sites, power, washrooms, hot showers, kitchen shelters and more – our parks are here for your enjoyment. 

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Alexandra Falls outside Hay River, NWT, Canada is but one of many waterfalls in the Northwest Territories.

Wake up. Take a hot shower. Grab a coffee. Relax by a roaring waterfalls.

Just a regular morning at Twin Falls Gorge Territorial Park outside Enterprise or Sambaa Deh Falls Territorial Park near Jean Marie River. With stunning settings near waterfalls, rapids, lakes and beaches, each of our parks is an adventure.

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Bison along the road outside an NWT Park.

Pack your bird book, your binos and you wide-angle lens. Our campgrounds are pristine wildlife habitats

From the comfort of your campsite there's a chance to witness a menagerie of critters – from mink to lynx in the North Slave, moose to geese in the Sahtu, fox to muskox in the Western Arctic, and more than a few wandering wood bison in the Dehcho and South Slave.

Just a typical sight at Northwest Territories parks.

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Gather around a fire at the end of a day and share a story about a spectacular day in Canada's Northwest Territories.

Grab some firewood. Strike a match. Then relax as the sparks dance.

Unlike many southern parks, our campgrounds are campfire-friendly. Just a typical amenity at Northwest Territories parks.  

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The Northern Lights dance high above a Northwest Territories campsite.

Crack a beer. Lean back in your camp-chair. And gaze up at the dancing sky.

If you’re camping here between late July and September, there's a good chance the Northern Lights will put on a show for you. Just another evening at Northwest Territories’ parks. With stunning settings beneath the aurora, each of our parks is an adventure.

Book a night at an NWT campground here. Adventure awaits.

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