Fishing in the NWT

Life wasn't meant for standing in queue.

In Canada's Northwest Territories, the only lines are the ones you'll cast into a wild, nameless stream. We're home to the finest fly fishing on the planet.

Here's five feisty reasons to wade on in.

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Lake fishing for Northern Pike in the Northwest Territories

#1: We like Pike

On Great Slave Lake, Pike are fierce and spirited – and they love to strike a fly. Slithering through the weeds in the warm, shallow bays of the lake’s fabulous North Arm, our Pike grow to legendary sizes: 18 kilos or more. They put up a ferocious fight and make for a darn good shore lunch.


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Fishing for Arctic grayling in the Northwest Territories

#2: Glorious Grayling

As soon as the ice flushes out in early May, fly-fishers flock to the Northwest Territories, their rod-hands quivering. Our famous Grayling run is on! These fish are glorious to behold, with shimmering, iridescent scales and a sail-like dorsal fin. They're ravenous, too, snapping at newly hatched bugs – and your well-placed fly.

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Fishing for Arctic char in the Northwest Territories

#3: Star Char

What’s flashier than a peacock, tastier than salmon, fierce as a cobra and frighteningly big? The brilliant-red Arctic Char of the Northwest Territories. They churn the waters that pour into the Northwest Passage, tip the scales at three kilos or more, and provide fly-fishers with the best polar angling on Earth.

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Fishing for bull trout in the Northwest Territories

#4: Bold Bull Trout

There’s no purer fly-fishing paradise than the Mackenzie Mountains, where cold, gin-clear streams hurry down from the highlands, their currents splashing with Bull Trout. Featuring dark backs and small red, orange or yellow spots on their flanks, these aggressive battlers average up to three kilos and crave to strike a fly.

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woman holding massive lake trout

#5: Monster Lake Trout

Heck, up here, any ol’ troller can haul in a 50-pound Lake Trout. For a real challenge, try landing one using fly-gear. Don’t go light on your leader – these fish are monsters. And be ready to crank that reel. Once Lakers take a hook they head for deep water, and will force you to put in a workout.

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