Up here in the Northwest Territories we get a whole pile of visitors, but most just skim the surface.

That's not a problem: After all, even our conventional touristy stuff is tons of fun. But if you're looking to really experience this place – to drink it down, to live it up, to be it – there are certain specific experiences you just can't miss.

Here's 17 ways to do the North to the fullest.

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... by which we mean muskoxen, caribou, moose and bison. They're all on view in the Northwest Territories, providing a sort of polar safari.

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Because any fish smaller is what we call "bait."

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(Extra points if it's a ski-plane.)

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Nope, riding in the basket doesn't count.

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... or better yet, gone beyond the end of the road, by foot, canoe, skidoo, whatever.

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In the super-cool winter of the Northwest Territories, a coating of ice, called "hoarfrost," accumulates on every chilly surface, glazing your skiing route in glory.

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Up here, the lakes are like freshwater oceans, giving you plenty of space to float your boat. Make the most of it.

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Oh yeah, the elusive purple lights. It only does this during the most rockin' auroral storms.

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In the North's small towns, old fashioned paddling races are a feature of summer celebrations. Jump into a boat and join in.

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Camp here and you'll enjoy the best sleep ever – we guarantee.

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Steady now – this isn't the place for a swim.

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It's the weirdest thing: The sun is getting lower, lower ... wait, now it's rising again. No night. Just an endless dance of brilliance in the sky.

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In the Northwest Territories, parkas aren't for fashion. They're like space suits, allowing you to thrive in our vigorous interstellar cold.

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In Yellowknife's Old Town, the North's most famous lane is as wild and wooly as its name implies.

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Odd machines prowl the Northland, rolling through landscapes no car could endure. This amphibious vehicle transports tourists to a remote fishing lodge.

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This is the Arctic Circle, on the Dempster Highway. Believe us, lunch tastes better at the top of the world.

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Need we say more?

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