On the shores of Frame Lake in front of City Hall, this grassy park is Yellowknife's favourite gathering place. In summer, musical performances are common at the waterfront ampitheatre, and various attractions – the museum, the visitor centre, Firewood Studio, a towering drum-dance sculpture, etc. – are close by. 

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This seven-kilometre loop around Frame Lake is the recreation trail for activity in the heart of the capital. While the eastern half is paved and passes by residential neighbourhoods, the western half consists of boardwalks over muskeg and wayfinding over rolling, forested-shrouded Shield-rock. Located along the trail are interpretive signs, picnic areas, beaches and viewing lookouts. The trail also provides access to the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre, the Northern Frontier Visitor Centre, city hall, Somba K'e Park and the territorial legislative assembly.

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Enjoy a break from driving at this roadside park, offering washrooms, a kitchen shelter and a boat launch. Stop and rest on the picturesque shores of Great Slave Lake to take photos or simply to relax with a picnic. Be sure to look around you – the scenery abruptly changes here from rolling, well-treed Mackenzie lowlands to the granite of the Canadian shield. This is a prime waterfowl nesting area.

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Located on the Yellowknife River, the park is a perfect place to enjoy a picnic or fishing. There are washrooms here, a picnic area and playground, trails and a boat launch. For the more adventurous, boat up the river and into the string of lakes it connects to; or head into Back Bay and Yellowknife Bay on Great Slave Lake.

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Powder Point Day Use Area is located within Hidden Lake Territorial Park on the Ingraham Trail, a little more than 45 kilometres east of Yellowknife on the eastern arm of Prelude Lake. Powder Point offers access to both the the Lower Cameron River Canoe Route and the Powder Point Canoe Route. The first short canoeing portage up some rapids towards both the Lower Cameron River, and the Hidden Lake routes, can be seen across the lake if you look to your right from the parking lot. An interpretive display at the water's edge describes some of the features of the park that make it unique.

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Located on Madeline Lake, this park is a perfect place to enjoy a meal at one of its several picnic sites equipped with tables and firepits. Use the boat launch and dock area to access the lake for powerboating and watersports. Madeline Lake is usually calm due to its sheltered location and warm because of its smaller size. You'll find washrooms and a playground here as well.

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