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Join us on a 12-Day Rafting or Canoeing Journey on the Nahanni River! 

This Nahanni River adventure allows you to experience the Nahanni’s “Grand Canyons” and many of the features for which this historic river is renowned. Our Nahanni River 12-day trip covers the same distance as our seven day trip but allows more time for additional hiking and exploring, as well as savoring the beauty of the Nahanni Valley area because… why rush if you don’t have to?

Price: $8,080 + GST & $140.20 National Park fee

We are the Liidlii Kue got’ine. People of the community of Liidlii Kue,“the place where rivers come together”, in the Dehcho Region of Canada’s Northwest Territories.

We partner up with different operators to offer many different packages for you to explore the beautiful community of Fort Simpson and surrounding areas, like the Nahanni National Park! 

Please call (867) 695-3131 Ext. 1006 or email lkfntourism@gmail.com for more information and book today! 

We cover your every helicopter need in and around South Nahanni National Park in the Mackenzie Mountains of Canada’s NWT. Nahanni Heli Adventures gives you access to the Cirque of Unclimbables, Mt. Nirvana, Glacier Lake, Avalanche Lake and anywhere you wish to go heli hiking, heli biking, backpacking, camping or mountain climbing.

Hear the stories, meet the people, see the places, learn about our Dene history. Visit our Indigenous communities, meet with community leaders, respected elders, knowledge keepers and residents in our communities and hear their stories. Learn about life in the old days, learn how we are maintaining our way life in today's world and learn how we see our life in the future.

The Nahanni River is truly a Canadian Icon, and the crown jewel of river trips in the NWT. Made famous to the outside world by RM Patterson's book "Dangerous River" published in 1957, the river's true history is one that is intertwined with the Mountain Dene People of the Dehcho Region of the NWT, who have lived here for thousands of years. 

Experience the amazing Deh Cho this summer! Boating, canoeing, camping and genuine Indigenous cultural on the mighty Mackenzie River. Fly into and experience the breathtaking Nahanni National Park.

This summer season will be extra special, it marks the 100th anniversary of the signing of Treaty 11 and communities along the river will be holding celebrations, and we will be there. Starts June 20. Choose from 3, 4 & 5 day options, starts at $1495+GST/person. Enjoy the people, places and wonders of the Deh Cho region!

Northern Nature is owned by Geri Sigl - a photographer who explores the wilderness taking extraordinary photographs.

You will find on his website listed below several galleries (photo albums).

If you find an image you particularly like, you can purchase the picture. You will receive the print resolution (300 dpi - 4300 x 2900 px - JPG) The price depends on several factors, in particular the desired application. In a purely private use (for personal use) costs much less than an image for commercial purposes

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