The Northwest Territories is home to five national parks (soon to be six). Here, rivers run glassy-clear, peaks leap to the heavens, waterfalls plummet and wild beasts abound – muskoxen, caribou, grizzlies, bison, you name it. Some parks, like Nahanni, are legends, on the bucket-list of every adventurer worth their salt. Others are unsung gems – the most untrammeled places on the planet.

There's Magic in the Mountains

Find extreme outdoor adventure and near absolute seclusion at the headwaters of the South Nahanni River in one of Canada's newest National Parks. Naats’ihch’oh protects an undisturbed expanse of river valleys and peaks in the Mackenzie Mountains, home to mountain caribou and grizzlies. The few adventurers who come each year discover unparalleled white water paddling, endless fly-in hiking through remote and spectacular terrain, and a land steeped in the stories of the Shútagot’ine people.

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