The Northwest Territories is home to five national parks (soon to be six). Here, rivers run glassy-clear, peaks leap to the heavens, waterfalls plummet and wild beasts abound – muskoxen, caribou, grizzlies, bison, you name it. Some of our parks, like Nahanni, are legends, on the bucket-list of every adventurer worth their salt. Others are unsung gems – the most untrammeled places on the planet.

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National holiday with events in all communities. Contact town offices and check community websites for details.

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The North Slave is a place of opposites:

A vast lake and the rock-ribbed shield. Dense boreal forests and the wide-open Barrenlands. Ultra-modern industries and lifeways older than history.

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Tłı̨chǫ Online Store, sells handmade authentic native art and crafts made by First Nations and Northern artists from the Northwest Territories

Handmade native goods and crafts made by First Nations of Northwest Territories in particular the Tłįchǫ and artists from the Northwest Territories.


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