Colville Lake sits 80 km above the Arctic Circle and is one of the most traditional communities in the Northwest Territories. And with 159 inhabitants, it is also one of the smallest. A visit to Colville Lake presents an ideal opportunity to relax and connect with the land. Access to Colville Lake is by air, or winter road from Fort Good Hope. Here's what to do when you're staying in the Ptarmigan Net Place, or K’áhbamítúé as it's traditionally known. 

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Norman Wells is a historic town of about 800 nestled between the Mackenzie River and the Franklin Mountains. Its traditional name, Tlegohli means "Where There is Oil," which makes sense given the town of Norman Wells was established in 1920 with a small oil refinery. This largest Sahtu town is the governmental, industrial and transportation hub of the region and the place to launch innumerable Sahtu adventures. 

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Tulita means "Where the Waters Meet" and you'll find this Mountain Dene community where Great Bear River empties into the Mackenzie. Established as a trading post in 1869, Tulita, then called Fort Norman, sits across the river from the Mackenzie Mountains and right underneath the storied Bear Rock. Tulita is your jumping off point for adventures in Náátsih'ch'oh National Park Reserve, as well as the location of some of the most important stories in Dene lore. Fly into Tulita from Norman Wells, or drive up the ice road from Wrigley in the winter. 

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Deline, with a population of just over 500, is a Dene community on the western shore of Great Bear Lake. In fact, it's the only community on the shores of Great Bear Lake, the largest lake entirely in Canada. Here's how to experience the wonder of this traditional Sahtu community.

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Up here, it's just a bit different

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Up here, it's just a bit different

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