9 reasons the Northwest Territories is a watery wonderland

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Go with the flow on in Canada's fresh-water paradise.

Where to watch wildlife in the Northwest Territories

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Your insider's guide to 13 must-see species.

The 23 best things about summer up north

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Flying in floatplanes. Riding on car ferries. And – yes, skinnydipping. 

Snake orgy! (We're serious.)

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You won't believe what happens when the world's northernmost snakes get frisky. 

National holiday with events in all communities. Contact town offices and check community websites for details.

The Trans Canada Trail is used by millions to experience our country's legendary wilderness. Now 73% complete, the Trail is over 16,800 kilometres long connecting the Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic coasts. Comprised of locally-managed segments, the Trail is within 30 minutes of more than 80% of Canadians and runs through or near 1,000 communities. In the Northwest Territories, much of the trail follows rivers or lake shores with water routes totaling over 2,200 km. Overland routes comprise 600 km.

Gateway to the wild frontier

It's a place of big waters, including the southern end of gleaming Great Slave Lake, home to Canada's northernmost freshwater fishery, and the gushing Slave River, where top-ranked paddlers compete among waves the size of a bus.

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