Book this entire cabin in the remote wilderness of the Mackenzie Mountains located in Canada's Spectacular Northwest Territories!

This cabin is accessible by float plane. There are no roads, no traffic, and no other inhabitants other than the local wildlife! This is a self sustaining cabin with solar power, washing and cooking facilities, and endless outdoor amenities!

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Escape to Yellowknife for 3 days of aurora adventure, chasing the Northern Lights through the vast Canadian wilderness. Enjoy free time on your own to explore the area during the day, rest up in a convenient and comfortable local hotel (which is included), and set out at night with a guide to track down the Aurora Borealis.

Day 1: Arrival & Aurora Hunting Tour

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We offer an all-inclusive Aurora Viewing and City Tour Package. We will find the best locations in Yellowknife using the latest technology to view the Aurora Borealis and take you to all the must-see spots around Yellowknife. Don't wait to book your tour with us!

This package includes:

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Don't wait to book this Aurora viewing experience of a lifetime. We offer a multi-night package, to ensure you get the best opportunity to view the Aurora. 

Package includes:

  • 3 nights of spectacular Aurora viewing - 3-4 hours each night of private viewing outside of Yellowknife
  • Pick up at requested location in a luxurious 4x4 Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van
  • Photos of your unforgettable evening under the Aurora (approx. 6 photos)
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Dark skies return, and the lights only come out at night

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We offer an all inclusive once in a lifetime Aurora viewing package that includes B&B accommodations that bring you the comforts of home. Our B&B is located in one Yellowknife's most exclusive areas, within walking distance of downtown and old town. 

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See the Aurora with the world's first Aurora Hunting tour company! On our world famous Aurora Hunting tours, we drive to different locations to find the best places to see Aurora. At each stop our guides will take FREE professional photographs of you and the Aurora, they will talk about what Aurora is, show you the night sky and tell you why Yellowknife is the best place in the world to see Aurora! We offer Summer, Fall and Winter 2 & 3 night Aurora packages. Includes our world famous Aurora Hunting PLUS our NEW Aurora Teepee Camp tour.

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Aurora, Wildlife & Autumn on the barrens. Does it get any better? Your Arctic Photography Adventure takes place during prime aurora viewing season which, also happens to correspond with the changing colors of the barrens (a unique feature in and of itself) and seasonal wildlife migrations.

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