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Member Aurora Heat

​​Aurora Heat™  slips into your gloves/mittens or boots/shoes adding an incredibly effective layer of traditional warmth and northern comfort. 

Aurora Heat™ ​products are made of sheared beaver fur - the velvety soft pile of the dense undercoat. Beaver fur is breathable, durable and lightweight providing an effective, all-natural layer of insulation against the cold.

Our products support local trappers and contribute to the economic strength of northern communities. To ensure we can enjoy the comfort and warmth of Canadian fur for generations to come, our fur trade is strictly regulated. Beaver fur, particularly, is abundant and sustainable. ​

Fur is one of Canada's most useful natural resources, an intrinsic part of Aboriginal culture and our nation’s heritage and history. Aurora Heat™ uses furs from the Genuine Mackenzie Valley Fur Program supporting trappers and promoting the fur trade in the Northwest Territories. All of the fur from the N.W.T. is wild, meeting and exceeding standards under International trade regulations.

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