Due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus), some of the events, tours and attractions listed on the website may be cancelled or closed until further notice. For more information, see travel advice from our territory's health department and Destination Canada.

a man looks at the aurora overhead

While you stay safe, we'll stay Spectacular

Stay safe, stay healthy, and visit the spectacular NWT when the time is right.
two people celebrate the NWT's northern lights

21 Record-Breaking Things in the Northwest Territories that Will Always Be Here to Experience

A list of the greatest wildlife, waterfalls, water bodies and more to see on your next visit to the Northwest Territories.
The mountains along the Nahanni River stand proudly

Dreaming of the Nahanni

5 ways that Nahanni National Park Reserve will blow your mind when it opens back up to visitors.
A caribou stands on a hill in the NWT's western arctic

Wondrous wildlife worth waiting for

Where to watch 13 of the most iconic, awe-inspiring creatures in the Northwest Territories.
An RV drives along a northwest territories highway

When the time is right, here’s your guide to RVing in the Northwest Territories

Here’s a handy Q&A to get you up to speed about RVing in the Northwest Territories for a road trip up the Dempster Highway or any of the other NWT highways when travel restrictions are lifted.
Couple paddling in canoe on the Mackenzie River

Explore the ancient Northern waterways

Whether you're an experienced wilderness canoe tripper, or just wanting to putter around the shore of a stunning Canadian Shield lake, the NWT is a paddler's paradise

A quiet stretch of the Broken Skull River in Naats'ihch'oh National Park Reserve

Surround yourself in the wildest wilderness

The national parks of the Northwest Territories are home to sacred mountains, world-famous rivers, bucket-level adventures and unspeakable beauty


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