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Where The Fish Are So Big, You Won’t Need To Embellish Your Story

Component Heading

Fish the NWT’s undisturbed, unfrequented waters

What separates a good fishing tale from an unforgettable one? It’s the skillful storyteller who knows just when to exaggerate a detail to highlight their prowess with the rod and reel. But after a fishing trip on the fabled waters of Canada’s Northwest Territories – where the fish are unbelievably big, feisty and abundant – you won’t need to embellish a single fact. You might actually downplay your story around friends so you don’t sound too showy. Because where else can you catch line-busting fish off the dock before the float plane has even flown you out on an unparalleled Northern adventure?

Fly into any of our famed NWT fishing lodges and spend your days with expert guides chasing forty-pound Lake Trout on Great Bear Lake or trophy Northern Pike on Great Slave Lake. Hours from civilization, this is that once-in-a-lifetime chance to unplug and bask in a true wilderness paradise. At night, unwind with first-class comforts and fine dining, or return to the lake to fish under a sky that never gets dark. Intrepid adventurers may even decide to fly farther for Arctic fishing and pursue the iconic Arctic Char. Considering the number of world-record fish pulled from the NWT’s lakes and rivers, there’s a decent chance you’ll return home a legend.

Fishing Packages: From fly-in lodges to lakes just a boat-ride away

Fly Fishing

Find tranquility and a real challenge

Pack your nymphs, streamers, gnats, and flies for a rewarding fly fishing trip on a river you’ll have all to yourself. Across the Northwest Territories, you’ll be able to enjoy fly fishing as this purist’s pursuit was intended: free from distractions, and hours from rushing traffic and the din of the city. In fact, the only rush hour you’ll encounter is when the Arctic Grayling – shimmering, spirited fish with fanning fins – start their springtime run.

A world away from ordinary

Your great Canadian fishing story starts here and it will be beyond belief – without stretching a single fact. The Northwest Territories is home to a remarkable diversity of fish, healthy both in size and number. Here, the fish really are that big.