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One of the most spectacular aspects of the Northwest Territories is undeniably the variety and beauty of the North’s natural environments and majestic wildlife. Here, the timeless and enduring world of the North is always close, and better yet – accessible.

Settle into your spacious campsite, turn your zoom lens on a soaring Arctic peregrine or simply take in the magnificent display of a waterfall sparkling under the midnight sun. From nature walking tours through idyllic communities to watching the peaceful grazing of wild bison, the spectacular world of the North is closer than you think. A life-changing connection to nature awaits you in the NWT.

A stay at an all-inclusive wilderness lodge makes a perfect vacation for fishing enthusiasts and quiet nature lovers alike. These remote lodges offer full accommodations in refurbished yet rustic lodges that create an authentic-feeling experience without sacrificing the comforts needed to fully enjoy the world around you.

The NWT also has more than a dozen territorial campgrounds and even more territorial and national parks spread out across a land of tundra, dramatic peaks, thundering waterfalls, raging rivers, and lakes as vast as seas.

You can roll into a fully-equipped campground, plug in your RV and start a fire to warm your site. Or you can simply throw on your backpack, hike into the wilderness and explore the NWT’s backcountry under the midnight sun.

With the awe-inspiring landscapes, majestic creatures, brilliant summertime flora, and, of course, the incredible northern lights, there’s no shortage of subjects for photographers. Specialized photography tour guides can bring you close-up to iconic wildlife like muskox, Arctic foxes and bison and offer tips on how to capture the best shots. You will revel in the midnight sun, a breathtaking natural phenomenon, which makes the magical hues of what is known as the golden hour to last well into the night.

Tour operators who specialize in birding can also help you spot birds like Arctic peregrines, sandpipers, red-throated loons, parasitic jaegers, bald eagles, golden eagles, geese, ducks, and showy yellow-billed loons.

Let’s not forget about golfing under the midnight sun, either. Several towns feature manicured courses from three to nine holes, some with lush greens or artificial turf and even clubhouses. Uluhaktok on Victoria Island, whose nine-hole course is the world’s northernmost golf course, remains the coolest place for golf.

As fall and winter approach and the midnight sun yields to longer nights and shorter days, the Northern skies awaken with more beauty as the northern lights appear. No matter where you stay in the NWT or when you decide to visit, you’re sure to find outdoor activities that match your interests and sense of adventure.