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Embark on your Northern Adventure and Iconic Winter Activities

The Northwest Territories is truly a winter wonderland. Here, you can find endless opportunities to experience the best winter activities in Canada – from an exhilarating race with a professional dogsled team to the timeless practice of ice fishing. There’s no shortage of things to do in the Northwest Territories during the winter months and every Northern host knows tips and tricks to keep you warm between outdoor winter activities. Whether you end your night cozy in a firelit cabin, sharing a hearty meal with Yellowknife’s nightlife, or bundled up on a frozen lake while you gaze at the spectacular winter Aurora, the Northwest Territories is sure to provide an unforgettable winter experience.

Looking for the best things to do during the winter in the Northwest Territories? These classic Canadian winter activities are all a must-experience part of what makes our winters so spectacular.

Your winter adventure in the NWT will be just as unique as the winter activities themselves – there are just so many things to do in the Northwest Territories during the winter. Winter activity packages can range from equipment rentals for snowshoeing or cross-country skiing across the beautiful snowy landscape to day-long ice fishing packages in heated ice fishing shacks just outside of Yellowknife on the frozen Great Slave Lake.

If you’re looking for a classic Canadian winter activity, how about a dogsledding adventure? There’s nothing like the thrill of whooshing along behind a team of eager huskies, snow flying and harnesses jingling. Make it an hour’s jaunt or a weekend-long trek. You can even drive the team yourself, once a seasoned musher shows you how. If that isn’t fast enough for you, you might enjoy a full-throttle ride through the backcountry on a snowmobile. Winter trails around the city of Yellowknife provide a fast-paced adventure through the city, but it’s the communities and backcountry where a snowmobile enthusiast can really let loose.

No matter where you are in the NWT, there are plenty of opportunities to find winter activities that match your pace and sense of adventure. Northerners stay busy and warm through the winter months, so ask your host for any recommendations they have for winter activities and places to secure cold-weather gear. You’ll be fully prepared to tackle the cold and see what makes visiting the Northwest Territories an iconic Canadian adventure in the winter.

After a day full of winter activities, be sure to save some energy to stay up for a dazzling display of the strongest Northern Lights in the world. The Northwest Territories is the home of the world’s best Aurora, which are visible with stunning intensity across the territory.