One of the most popular parks in the Northwest Territories, Twin Falls boasts a wealth of attractions. The park, 75 kilometres north of the Alberta border, stretches along the rim of Twin Falls Gorge, encompassing 32-metre-high Alexnadra Falls, where the Hay River plunges into a deep limestone canyon and then, a few kilometres later, where it drops again, off three-tiered Louise Falls.

Visitors to the park can enjoy several dizzying overlooks that permit safe viewing of the falls, as well as a dramatic 138-step spiral staircase leading down to the lip of Louise Falls. An easy, forest-shrouded three-kilometre hiking trail (complete with interpretive signage) links the two falls, and picnic tables and kitchen shelters are found at both cascades.

At the Lousie Falls Campground, also part of the park, you’ll enjoy well-spaced campsites nestled among the jackpines, plus washroom and shower facilities, tapwater, a kitchen shelter, picnic tables, firewood, a playground, and plenty more interpretive signs explaining the significance of this area to the local Dene culture. 

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