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Please note that several NWT communities are still under evacuation alerts or orders due to the wildfire situation: see more information about the affected communities.

colourful Houseboats in Houseboat Bay on the Great Slave Lake in the NWT Fresh Great Slave lake Fish served at Bullocks Bistro in Yellowknife NWT A person looks out over Houseboat Bay on the Great Slave Lake in the NWT A quirky shack in Yellowknife's Old Town in the Northwest territories Aerial view of Yellowknife's Old Town in the NWT
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Yellowknife's Old Town

One of the most diverse, historic, offbeat neighbourhoods in Canada, Old Town is the beating heart of Yellowknife. Here, where the Precambrian Shield blends into Great Slave Lake, gold seekers approximately 80 years ago pioneered what was to become the North's greatest settlement. 

Yellowknife eventually grew from its ramshackle roots and moved its city centre in the ’60s to what’s still today called “new town,” but the spirit of Old Town never died. Today, the area is an intriguing mash-up of iconoclastic spirit and local heritage. Log cabins stand next to designer mansions and colourful houseboats, artists sell their wares under the shadow of floatplanes soaring across the sky. Stroll down the famous Ragged Ass Road, enjoy some eclectic dining and hike to the top of Pilot’s Monument for the best view in the city. 

Old Town is dotted with murals and public art and features many heritage plaques explaining the area’s history. But it’s also still the living, vibrant community that once birthed the NWT’s capital. Guides to Old Town's historic sites are available from the Yellowknife Visitor Center.  


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