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Home Attraction Acho Dene Native Crafts Store

Acho Dene Native Crafts Store

One of the finest galleries in all of the Northwest Territories, this sunny store is an essential stop for travellers on the Liard Highway. Here you’ll find handmade birchbark baskets, moosehide moccasins, and authentic beaded accessories. A wealth of Indigenous artworks and traditional crafts are for sale, and the shopkeepers are brimming with handy information about the area.

The Deh Gáh Got’îê Dene who live in the Dehcho region traditionally would move with the seasons – hunting, trapping and fishing off the land. They made abundant use of the resources around them while developing strong artistic styles still present in their crafts today.

The Acho Dene Craft Store began operating in 1976. Over 40 local crafters and artists living in the community lovingly and carefully produce the products sold here. The items are usually a blend of ancestral techniques and themes, combined with traditional and modern materials. The business also staffs and maintains a tourist kiosk for the Government of the Northwest Territories Department in its shop, located in the beautiful community of Fort Liard.