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Home Attraction Bear Rock

Bear Rock

Towering 400 metres above Tulita, Bear Rock has been a sacred site for the Dene for thousands of years. Dene oral history speaks of a great law-giver and traveler, Yamoria, who confronted a pack of giant beavers that had been terrorizing hunters. Yamoria killed three of the beavers and draped their vast pelts upon the rock, forming three dark circles that can still be seen on the mountain to this day. Bear Rock is a traditional place of prayer and reflection for the Dene. This ancient outcrop is pocketed by caves and sinkholes. Marine fossils of ancient fish and corals have been found in these crevices. Hikers can take a tour with a local guide to follow the trail to the summit of the peak where they’ll find a scenic lookout above the confluence of two spectacular rivers and sweeping views of the Sahtu.