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Knut Lang’s Place

The trading post known as Knut Lang’s Place stands on the Peel Channel of the Mackenzie Delta, about 48 kilometres upstream from Aklavik, and is a relic of an important economic time in the history of the Northwest Territories

The post was built in the 1930s during the heyday of fur trading and the globalization of the Mackenzie Delta. It includes still-standing log buildings, some with sod roofs, built by independent trader Knut Lang, who was a longtime community leader that traded with Gwich’in, Métis and Inuvialuit in the region. 

Lang himself was of Scandinavian descent and is still remembered for his fairness, caring and generosity. As a sign of respect for the man, Knut Lang’s Place was designed to commemorate the person as much as the trading post and its history. Over the decades the site has also been used intermittently for community camps and as a teaching space.