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Home Attraction Virginia Falls

Virginia Falls

In Nahanni National Park Reserve, there’s no spot as celebrated as Virginia Falls. It’s a thundering and furious wall of whitewater, four acres in size and 300 feet high. Virginia Falls is one of the many spectacular natural wonders in Nahanni National Park Reserve, and its powerful presence can be heard – and even felt – on your approach.

There are many ways to experience the majesty of Virginia Falls – whether it’s from above on a flightseeing tour out of Fort Simpson, from up close on the historic Virginia Falls portage trail, or from the comfort of your campsite at the Virginia Falls campground.

You can reach the brink of the falls via the park’s famous portage-trail boardwalk. At the lip of the falls, the Nahanni River whips itself into a fury, plunging through the notorious Sluicebox rapids and hurtling off to crash far below. The roar of the waves is deafening; the stony ground shudders; the air itself is churned into a maelstrom. No viewpoint on Earth is so humbling.

If you’re up for a hike, the 16-kilometre round-trip climb up to Sunblood Peak climbs higher than the falls themselves, so you can enjoy the pure power of one of Nahanni National Park Reserve’s most impressive sights. No matter how you see it, you’ll agree Virginia Falls is a must-see destination in Canada’s Northwest Territories.