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Member B. Dene Adventures

Your Dene Connection in Yellowknife. B. Dene Adventures is a Traditional Dene Culture Camp business which teaches the Dene way of life through our history, our language and our unique connection to the land. B. Dene Adventures provides Dene Cultural experiences at its camp just outside of Dettah, across the bay from Yellowknife. The camp is accessible by a ten minute nature trail walk or snowshoe, or a two minute boat or ski-doo ride. B. Dene Adventures is 100% Aboriginally owned and operated. Bobby Drygeese is the Owner/Operator. He  is a member of the Yellowknives Dene First Nation of the Yellowknife area.

B. Dene Adventures


Aurora Day Trips

This is a 2-3 hour tour that consists of a drive on the ice road to Dettah, snowmobile ride to B. Dene Camp. History, stories and legends in a heated cabin and teepee and viewing of the magnificent Aurora/Northern Lights.




Winter Activities

Custom tours can include snowshoeing on old ancestral trails as our Elders did for centuries.

Snowmobile tours are available. You will travel on traditional trails of the Dene with guided trips through Dene lands.





Arts and Culture

Experience the Dene way of life with oral history, stories and legends, camp fire, snacks, trapping, snaring, hunting stories, traditional drumming demonstration, traditional Dene games. Come and get a taste of the Dene way of life.Visit Elders who make the traditional clothing from years of experience. Tour in and around Yellowknife, Ndilo and Dettah. Provide history on areas of significance to the Yellowknives Dene First Nation people. Drive to Dettah on the highway or ice road, and tour up the Ingraham Trail with Dene history of the land from the original people of the Yellowknife (Wiliideh) area.




Boat Tours

Travel the traditional boat trails and see the Dene way of life at the old campsites and communities of the past thousand years.




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