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Member K'iyeli Tourism Services

Extend your trip to Fort Simpson with a visit to our Dene Camp, K'iyeli. We have options available for an afternoon, or overnight experience. You will learn about the people who have lived in the territory for thousands of years, staying near the old Fork of the Forks which was established in 1803 by the North West Company. You will learn about our history and culture and get a chance to try our traditional food and Dene games. Please contact us for more information. 

K'iyeli Tourism Services


Culture & Touring

Come learn the history of the Dene people in Fort Simpson. We will teach you about the areas flora and fauna as medicines, in recipes, and as part of our culture. After trying your hand at Dene games, doing native crafts and visiting historical sites, your guides will tell stories and discuss legends, talk about their traditions and culture and answer any questions. You will fall asleep in your tent or teepee under the stunning northern lights. 


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