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Member My Backyard Tours

See Yellowknife through the eyes of people who came here for two years and have stayed for a lifetime. Have fun learning about Yellowknife's history, meeting local artisans in studios or hiking to Cameron Waterfalls during the day. At night enjoy viewing the night sky and awe-inspiring aurora borealis (northern lights) on our expertly guided tours. Tours range from 2-4.5 hours in length. In addition to our tours we also offer winter clothing rentals. Our winter clothing will keep you warm and comfortable for your outdoor fun – ask us about our winter clothing rental package and book today to ensure you’re outfitted in the right gear.


  • Yellowknife City Tour
  • Northern Lights Tour
  • Birding Tour
  • Ice Falls Tour
  • Northern Artist Studio Tour
  • Moving to Yellowknife Tour
  • Ingraham Trail (Cameron Waterfalls/Ramparts Tour)
  • Customized Tours/Packages
  • Step-on Guiding Services

Other Services

  • Winter Clothing Rentals

Interested in seeing more of our backyard? Experience the best of the Northwest Territories with our multi-day packages as we team up with Peterson's Point Lake Lodge for adventures in the barrenlands. These fly-out fishing and photography/aurora lodge adventures will immerse you in the authentic splendour of our homeland and provide you with memories that will last a lifetime. Nestled in the barrens, our Peterson’s Point Lake Lodge is another option for your northern adventure.

Yellowknife has been home to our family and businesses for decades. We pride ourselves on customer service excellence matched with a local’s understanding of the lore, terrain, history, and grandeur of our North. We welcome the opportunity to share our home with you.

Please check out our website for more information. You can also scroll down below the contact us section to see some of the services and packages we offer. Thank you very much for checking out our member listing!

My Backyard Tours


Two tourists on a My Backyard Tours cultural tour looking down at a rock in their hands in Yellowknife.

Cultural Experience Tours

Dreams of gold began in Yellowknife in 1934 when a couple of prospectors discovered the precious metal. Join local experts on an intimate tour of the City and/or the Ingraham Trail. Explore the stories of the people and cultural historic sites and learn about the building of this gold mining town to the diamond capital it is today. See local art and learn about the history and culture of the people that makes this area unique.

Bill Braden opening the door to tourists on a My Backyard Tours Yellowknife city tour.

City Tours

Join local experts on an intimate tour of the City and/or the Ingraham Trail. We offer fun and informative professionally guided tours. Participant's interests are incorporated into our City, Capital Sites and Meet the Artist Gallery tours which range from 2-3 hours in length. Our tours also get people outside the city limits with our Ingraham Trail/Cameron Falls Tour where participants take a short hike in the wilderness to see Cameron Waterfalls. 


Aurora Day Trips

Northern Lights Tour: A clear dark sky and high solar activity can provide an evening light show that is worth staying up into the wee hours for. Our northern lights tour package includes return transportation from your hotel leaving Yellowknife at approx. 8 p.m. and returning at 1:30 a.m. Enjoy a cozy cabin, hot beverages and snacks.

Minimum capacity 2 guests. Price $124.00per person +GST.



Arctic Photography Workshop

We offer an Arctic Photography Workshop: our seven-day program gives you the opportunity to photograph northern lights, migratory wildlife, birds and much more. Professional photographer and biologist, Robert Berdan provides his specialized photographic expertise. View special points of interest in the City of Yellowknife before flying to Peterson's Point Lake Lodge. Discover the intricate beauty of the tundra and learn about the history of the early explorers as well as aboriginal people who travelled through this area. Two nights in Yellowknife and four nights at Peterson's Point Lake Lodge.

Price $4995.00 per person. Limited Season September 5-11th annually.

See complete listing under Peterson's Point Lake Lodge.


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