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Town of Inuvik

Inuvik is located 200km North of the Arctic Circle, on the East Cannel of the incredible ecosystem that is the Mackenzie Delta. We are located within the Taiga Forest just south of the treeline and Arctic Tundra. Inuvik acts as the gateway to the Western Arctic as the Mackenzie River, Dempster Highway and Inuvik-Tuktoyaktuk Highway connect our smaller communities in Summer and Winter.

Our community thrives on the land, nature and culture as Inuvik is the traditional land of the Inuvialuit, Gwich’in and Metis people, complimented by a variety of non-Indigenous people who have made Inuvik home. Our residents still earn their living by hunting, trapping and fishing on the land but most are employed in Government and Indigenous Offices dedicated to enhancing the Arctic in transportation, construction, energy and tourism.

In Summer the town buzzes with activity as we radiate with the excitement of the Midnight Sun. An influx of dusty campervans and trucks come through Inuvik after driving the Dempster Highway, passing the Arctic Circle and admiring the Arctic Flora & Fauna looking for further adventure on Inuvik’s doorstep. Canoeing, fishing, hiking and cycling are favorites in the Summer months, as the 24-hour sun keeps us energized.

Spring, Summer and Fall are short here in Inuvik, but Winter offers a variety of experiences under the Noon Moon. Snowmobiling is one of Inuvik’s favorite winter activities with 10,000 kilometers of Delta channels to explore. If you prefer to be on your feet, there’s snowshoeing, winter camping, cross-country skiing and ice fishing. Watch the skies light up at nighttime with the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights), although the locals say that Inuvik is so far North that you must look South to see them.

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