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Yellowknife Online produces Yellowknife specific articles and content for visitors, residents, and newcomers. Yellowknife Online has recently transferred that knowledge and information into a set of localized tours. Tours are primarily guided by Yellowknife Online creator and author Kyle Thomas, a lifelong Yellowknifer, who loves introducing people to the city.

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The green aurora across the sky with trees and a Yellowknife Online lit up tent in the Northwest Territories.

Aurora Day Trips

Experience the north under the Northern Lights. Enjoy the great outdoors with the comfort of a heated tent and woodstove.

Travel out of the city of Yellowknife along a remote road to a secluded location untouched by anyone else where you will find a private lake for viewing the Aurora Borealis. During your experience, a canvas tent will be heated up making it a cozy spot for you to warm up while waiting for the new showing of the Northern Lights.

While on this tour you could be treated to a hot beverage, northern inspired snacks or even be taught how to make fried bannock depending on your guide.

Duration: 4-5 Hours
Min People: 2 people (potentially 1)
Max People: 4-6 people (Can accommodate more depending on request)
Availability: Winter, Early-spring

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