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Come experience world-class Aurora Borealis viewing in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada. We are the only guides in the Northwest Territories to offer services in Mandarin, Cantonese and English. With over 20 years of experience in the tourism industry, our award-winning guides will make you feel at home in the far North. We’d love to show you the North.

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We have organized special tours and packages to suit you. We've taken care of all of the details for these great experiences: We offer day trips for Aurora viewing, fishing, sightseeing and a variety of other activities.

Great Slave Lake Fish Fry and Dinner Cruise Join us and experience our great Northern lake. You will also have the chance to see some natural sites, as well as do some fishing and enjoy a fresh-fish dinner

Scenic Float Plane Fly-in – East Arm Fish Fry Tour: Fly to the world-famous East Arm of Great Slave Lake. This is area is totally pristine and will soon be a National Park. During a two-hour stop you can fish and explore the wilderness while a fresh Northern fish fillet is fried for you to enjoy.

Experience all that Yellowknife has to offer. You will visit the city’s historic Old Town, its downtown core, as well as the exciting displays at our Northern Frontier Visitor Centre. In winter, you will also have the unique experience of driving on an ice road.

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Aurora Day Trips

Aurora viewing day trips include transportation to/from hotel and Aurora viewing site, hot drinks and a late night snack, and several hours of Aurora viewing. Packaged Aurora Tours: Our package tours include a city tour, Aurora viewing, a choice of snowmobiling or ice fishing, dogsledding and your hotel stay in Yellowknife.


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Nature and Wildlife

Birding: Come and watch the bird life on Great Slave Lake. You will be amazed by the natural beauty you will see.

Wood Bison Viewing: You will drive down the highway into true wilderness to view these huge Northern animals. You will naturally want to photograph them, but please remember to stay inside the vehicle for safety.


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Northern Pike Fishing: If you are an avid fisherman or have a friend, spouse or child that would really like fast-action pike fishing, this activity is for you. You can expect to catch fish as heavy as 10 pounds and occasionally up to 20 pounds. Your guide will help you choose the best fishing spot. No fishing experience needed and all fishing and fly fishing gear/tackle is supplied. Trophy Pike Fishing: Join your master guide and learn more about the Great Northern Pike. You will learn about its behaviour, its movements, as well as its likes and dislikes. Then practice the Trophy Pike Fishing techniques you learn and experience the challenge of catching the fish of a lifetime. Some fish are almost too large to hold while you wait a few seconds for your guide to take a photograph.

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Winter Activities

Dogsledding: Enjoy a dog sled ride or even learn to mush your own dog team. You will have a chance to meet with World Champion dog musher Grant Beck. Grant has had a remarkable racing career that has included races in the French, Swiss and Italian Alps and throughout North America.

Ice Fishing: Aboriginal ice fishing demonstration and lunch. Take a snowmobile out on Great Slave Lake where we have set up a traditional ice fishing net. Pull up your catch and enjoy your fish feast in our comfortable cabin in the wilderness.

Snowmobile Tours: Take a one-hour ride by snowmobile to our remote but comfortable cabin. This is the North’s most exciting method of winter travel and there are many trails in and around Yellowknife. If you are feeling adventurous, you can even drive part of the way.

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