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Find out more about the current wildfire and wildfire-related concerns in the NWT.

Home Package Guided Canoe Trip in Thaidene Nene National Park (12 days)


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Guided Canoe Trip in Thaidene Nene National Park (12 days)

OFFER DATE: Aug 24 - Sept 4 or Aug 18-24

Our guided Eileen River/Sled Creek canoe adventure offers exclusive access to one of the best wilderness wildlife trips in the Northwest Territories!

This is our top trip for spectacular campsites and world-class hiking opportunities in a very remote tundra wilderness. Our canoe trip lies a short distance past the treeline (edge of the forest) in the Barren Lands, west of the Thelon River headwaters.

A major attraction of this canoe trip is the wildlife. There’s a chance we will see muskox and we could could see some scattered caribou. We are also likely to see moose, grizzlies, black bears, tundra wolves and wolverines. Most tundra wolves are white in colour so they are easy to spot this time of year in the green and red tundra colours. Fall colours peak a week or more after our trip dates, but there will be considerable colour on the tundra by the end of the trip – crimson reds, oranges, yellows and muted reds. There is decent fishing almost everywhere on this trip, and in a few places it’s really good. Arctic Grayling, Lake Trout and Northern Pike are available!

Give us a call or visit our website to find out more about this canoe adventure into the true wilderness of Canada!